Quality and trust

Our ingredients: you can only make the best products if you use the best ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, WAWI never settles for less than the best. We source the world’s finest in quality and taste to meet our exacting standards. But that’s not all: we rigorously and frequently monitor ingredients at every stage of production so as to guarantee the absolute top quality and freshness which has been synonymous with the WAWI brand name for over 50 years.


Careful cocoa bean selection is considered a top priority at WAWI. The high quality milk chocolate we use is made exclusively from hand picked premium quality beans meticulously sourced from some of the best cocoa growing regions in the world, such as Java, Sumatra and Madagascar. WAWI milk chocolate is distinguished by its light brown colour and mild flavour.

In addition, by pledging to use chocolate made of UTZ certified cocoa beans, we actively support sustainable cocoa farming and contribute towards protecting the environment and improving conditions for the farmers and their families.


Again, only the best quality is good enough. In order to produce puffed rice, the grains are heated under pressure until almost all water content is removed. The grains expand to 15 times their original size. The rice retains its delicate, natural flavour while becoming light and easy to digest.

Enjoying chocolate without worries

At WAWI we monitor each stage of production, from the meticulous selection of cocoa beans to the finished product. Our profound expertise - covering all aspects of production - enables us to guarantee top quality and maximum freshness. We pick the finest ingredients and process them gently to create first class products, which undergo rigorous quality control checks before ending up on the shelves of your local store.

The high art of chocolate making

If you do something well, you are skilled. But if you do something well and with passion, you transform a skill into an art. Over the past 50 years, experienced master confectioners at WAWI have been investing passion and expertise in our quality products, perfecting their skills to a high art. They work tirelessly on improving recipes and creating new chocolate ideas to delight chocolate lovers in and beyond Germany.

Quality certification

All WAWI Group facilities are IFS and/or BRC certified. Both standards are very demanding, requiring food manufacturers to meet exacting standards. Achieving this level of certification demonstrates WAWI's commitment to top quality.

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The production of the WAWI-Euro GmbH is also organically certified in accordance with EU Eco Regulation (VO 834 2007) by the Öko-Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-001.