Wawi Chocolate

WAWI – Heavenly Light Chocolate Delights

From chocolate rice and chocolate wisps as little treats, to chocolate Easter Bunnies and Santa Clause figures as the perfect gift, or chocolate coatings and backing chocolate for your homemade delights: we offer chocolate for all tastes and occasions!

Our Commitment to Quality:

Traditionally, we place the highest demands on the quality, taste and freshness of your products. This applies not only to the selection of natural ingredients, but also to their processing. Our rice is gently roasted to keep it airy and fluffy. Our fresh-foil-packaging always guarantees the full, heavenly, light-as-a-cloud enjoyment.

Our Christmas Specials:

Where snow falls on fir trees and tea warms from the inside and where the smell of cinnamon is in the air – chocolate is a must! Our large selection of Advent calendars and Santa Clause figures sweeten the pre-Christmas season not only for the little ones.


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